Hi & Welcome to Burn Black!

What is Burn Black?

Burn Black is an online jewellery boutique that lends it’s name from a Hole song – but don’t judge me by my somewhat terrible taste in music... It’s all about vintage style, Victoriana-esque, elegant, classic, beautiful, handmade, and bespoke jewellery – and that’s it in a nutshell. The devil is in the detail or so they say, and that’s why I spend ...a lot of time sourcing the prettiest, components, images and details to put together especially for you. I can’t afford a pretty boutique in a kooky part of town, but I want your shopping here to be just as delightful. That’s why, even though you can purchase anything you see here, you can also customise to suit you. Almost everything -bar a few select pieces that I choose to share with you – is designed and handmade by me, and they are all either limited edition, or one of a kind pieces.
You’re a unique creation, why shouldn’t your jewellery be? Think of this as jewellery couture.
I’m mainly inspired by times past, the sideshow freaks, the classic beauties, the artists I love, tattoo art, curious creatures, the strange and unusual... so that is what you will find here!.. But again, if you want fluffy bunnies and pink ribbon, I can do that too. I also source unique pieces from other artists which I find to be beautiful to share with you.

Where do you buy this things I speak of?

Burnblack.bigcartel.com – Its simply laid out and easy to use, and safe.

It’s good to ‘like’ and follow this Facebook too as I’ll be posting discount codes, giveaways, exclusive sneak peeks, and it’s also an easy way for me to get to know you too!

I am also on Instagram as ‘@burnblackjewellery’

You can email me anytime on burnblackjewellery@gmail.com if you have any enquiries.

I love to make custom pieces. I can use the pieces you see in anything for sale, or work to anything you’re inspired by. The turnover time for customer orders is only dependent on materials. If I have everything in stock, you can pretty much have your item in 1-2 days. If I have to order bits and pieces in, I will advise you of timescales before you handover any monies. Just send me a message and have a chat, I don’t bite!


Through burnblack.bigcartel.com you can pay using your card, or paypal. If you wish to purchase via facebook, just message me to arrange payment. If you prefer cheques or postal orders that is okay! Obviously items will be held until those payments have been cashed/cleared.


I have worked out my postage to the very last penny to make it as cheap as possible for you. On bigcartel, I set the default to Standard Second Class for the UK, and Standard Airmail for anywhere else and there is a flat rate for each so you don’t have to worry about it costing the earth.

I think this is all you need to know! Enjoy having a mooch through the albums, and get in touch if you get lost or need help!